What we do

/ advice, coordination, creation

La Plume Media is a full-service communication agency. We advise on communication strategies, we coordinate communication projects and we create content, in the broadest sense of the word.

/ internal communication

Everyone on the same page. Which company wouldn’t want that? La Plume Media makes sure your staff is timely informed of the relevant developments within your company, irrespective of this being projects, change trajects or management information.

Remote staff
We get to know your company processes, draw up the information requirements and know how to find the stakeholders within your organization for current news. We keep a low profile, but always with conviction and commitment.

/ external communication

Creating good customer relations, empowering the brand experience or increasing your brand awareness? It all asks for a solid communication and superb content strategy. La Plume Media maps your needs, investigates your company processes and gives advice regarding the channels and strategy you’d need. After going through this process, we take care of your content, from start to finish.

Full service
La Plume Media is your one-stop-shop for solid advice, infallible concept development and inciting content creation. You can always drop us a line, we’re very responsive and our approach is personal. That makes it a pleasure to do business with us a pleasure.

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